Natural low-fogging fatliquors

Natural low-fogging fatliquors

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Natural fatliquors are a proven choice for lubricating leathers. Besides their low-fogging properties, our versatile natural fatliquors offer solutions for medium to extreme levels of softness. Stahl’s natural fatliquors help tanners produce leathers for a variety of market segments, including upholstery, garment and shoe and leather goods. They are part of our sustainable Stahl Neo® leather chemicals portfolio which complies with the ZDHC MRSL.

Main features
Corilene® N60 liq Fatliquor based on oxi-sulphited fish oil Very high quality marine oil based fatliquor, with a very low odour - Deep level of softness.
Derminol® APSC liq Sulphited natural oils Main fatliquor on automotive upholstery leather.
Derminol® CFS liq Sulphited natural & synthetic oils Extremely low fogging properties and excellent softening - very high light fastness and heat-resistance.
Derminol® CNR liq Sulphited natural & synthetic softening agents Penetrates deeply into the leather fibres, giving a high degree of inner softness with a round handle and a low residual odour.
Derminol® CST liq Sulphated fatliquor based on natural and synthetic oils Classic leathers such as glazed, box and vegetable type uppers.
Derminol® NLM liq Sulphated fatliquor based on phospholipids & other softening agents Excellent softening ability - Smooth grain, low density and round feel.
Derminol® SPE liq Fatliquor based on oxi-sulphited fish oil Can be used on a wide range of leathers including automotive upholstery - Deep level of softness.
Lipoderm® Liquor A1 New Sulphited esters based on renewable raw materials For fatliquoring very soft leathers, such as garment leather, nappa upper leather and all types of milled leathers.
Lipoderm® Liquor LA Specially modified lecithin Silky surface texture and a handle which is pleasantly soft, full and supple.
Lipoderm® Oil N1 Raw native oil Action comparable to neat’s foot oil - On all types of chrome-tanned leather, especially shoe upper leather.
Lipoderm® Liquor WN Sulfited natural oil based on lanolin Waxy surface handle - Reduced wettability and water absorption - Fullness and tight grain.

Read more about the properties of our natural fatliquors. Download the catalog at the bottom of this page.

Low-odor fatliquoring with Corilene® N60 liquid

Corilene® N60 liquid is a natural fatliquor with a very low odor. It is based on oxi-sulphated fish oil and has a deep level of softness and high-electrolyte stability. Corilene® N60 liquid is particularly suited for upholstery leathers.

Versatile Derminol® solutions for natural fatliquoring

Stahl’s versatile Derminol® portfolio contains a variety of natural fatliquors that each have specific properties. This makes them suitable for different types of leather:

Lipoderm® fatliquoring solutions for leather with a tight break

Our Lipoderm® natural fatliquors are especially suitable in the production of leather with a tight break. 

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Natural low-fogging fatliquors
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