Polymer fatliquors for lightweight leather

In the automotive and aviation industries, every kilogram saved makes a difference in performance and sustainability. Stahl’s fatliquoring polymers, which are included in Stahl Neo® and therefore ZDHC MRSL compliant, reduce the weight of leather. This makes it ideal for both industries. And in other industries, like apparel, opting for lightweight leather is a great way to make a product feel nicer to wear and carry.

ProductTypeMain features
Corilene® SSD liqAqueous copolymers dispersionDeveloped for the production of extreme fluffy and soft leathers - Extremely high light fastness and heat resistances.
Relugan® Soft APBlend of polymer dispersion and emulsifiersSoft handle, shows excellent tear strength, can be dyed to very level shades.
Relugan® Soft HFCopolymerHigh lightfastness, high heat resistance, low migration and low odor - For washable and low-density leather.
Stahlite® AL1 liqSpecialty natural/ synthetic copolymerExtremely light-weight and low density feel - Particularly suitable for the production of aviation and automotive leather
Stahlite® AL2 liqSpecialty copolymer dispersionTo produce light-weight low density leathers with high physical properties - Some retanning properties.
Stahlite® AL3 liqSpecialty copolymer dispersionTo produce leathers with lower thickness (lower weight & density) and still retain the necessary physical strength - Some retanning properties.
Stahlite® RDTSpecialty natural/ synthetic copolymerExtremely low-VOC and odour in combination with low fogging results - Automotive and upholstery leathers.

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Reduce weight while maintaining high strength and esthetics with Stahlite®

Creating beautiful yet lightweight leather with high physical strength is key for the automotive, aviation and marine industries. Stahlite® helps tanners reduce the weight of hides by a third while maintaining their physical strength and esthetic properties. The Stahlite® portfolio has solutions suitable for softness ranges from medium to extreme.

  • Stahlite® AL1 liquid is particularly recommended for aviation and automotive leathers.

  • Stahlite® AL2 liquid is a fatliquoring polymer that is recommend for the production of lightweight, low density leathers with high physical properties.

  • Stahlite® AL3 liquid is a specialty copolymer dispersion that has excellent penetration properties.

  • When low-VOC and odor are key, as in automotive and upholstery leathers, Stahlite® RDT is the right choice for fatliquoring.

Create leathers with tight break with Relugan® Soft technologies

When a tight break is an important requirement, our Relugan® Soft technologies are the fatliquors of choice.

  • Relugan® Soft AP is a blend of polymer dispersions and emulsifiers. As well as its tight break properties, it shows excellent tear strength.

  • Relugan® Soft HF is a polymeric fatliquor for creating tight break leathers. Besides its high yellowing resistance, it has good softness, fullness and fogging properties. This makes it an excellent choice for leather that must be highly resistant to dry cleaning and show high fastness properties, including wash fastness.

Ensure excellent lightfastness properties with Corilene® SSD liquid

When producing leather that needs to have excellent lightfastness and heat resistance properties, we particularly recommend Corilene® SSD liquid. This aqueous copolymer dispersion has been developed to produce extremely fluffy and soft leathers.