Synthetic fatliquors with exceptional softness properties

Stahl synthetic fatliquors provide excellent softness and are suitable for the production of leathers with a tight break and light weight. Our synthetic fatliquor portfolio consists of solutions from our Derminol® and Corilene® ranges. All synthetic fatliquors are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which ensures ZDHC MRSL compliance.

ProductTypeMain features
Corilene® HLG liqSulfo-ester derivatives and high molecular weight hydrocarbonsUseful in the production of most leathers in tanning, rechroming and retanning operations.
Derminol® ASN liqModified alkane sulphonates and synthetic oilsExcellent penetration properties - Softness with excellent tightness - excellent heat and lightfastness.
Derminol® OCS liqElectrolyte stable synthetic softening agentsHigh emulsifying capacity, penetrates deeply and rapidly - Strong dispersing action on natural fats, greases & other fatliquors.
Derminol® SF liqSynthetic fatliquor based on phosphate estersSmooth, silky feel - Round body & consistent handle - Exceptionally lightweight feel - Excellent heat and lightfastness.
Derminol® SO-31 liqSynthetic fatliquor based on synthetic estersExceptional softness - A rich, smooth surface feel - Lightweight feel & very uniform milling pattern - Very high uptake leading to cleaner effluent discharges.
Derminol® SO-37 liqSynthetic estersExceptional softness with extremely fine grain - Rich, lecithin-like feel and handle.

For technical information on Stahl’s synthetic fatliquors, download the product catalog below.

Derminol® solutions for extreme soft and lightweight leathers

The Derminol® portfolio offers multiple solutions for producing extremely soft and lightweight leather with a tight break.

  • Derminol® ASN liquid provides excellent penetration properties and heat and lightfastness.

  • When low-fogging properties are required, Derminol OCS liquid is recommended. It has a high emulsifying capacity and a strong dispersing action.

  • For producing leather with a rich feel and handle, Derminol® SO-37 liquid and Derminol® SO-31 liquid are highly recommended.

Versatile fatliquors with Corilene® HLG liquid

Corilene’s® versatility makes it useful in the production of most leather types, in tanning, rechroming and retanning. It has excellent softness properties as well as good penetration, electrolyte stability, a tight break and low fogging. It is often used to create lightweight leather.