Acrylic polymer retanning agents for all leather types

Acrylic polymer retanning agents for all leather types

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Stahl offers a variety of acrylic polymer retanning agents with specific properties for different types of leather. Whether you need an acrylic polymer tanning agent that is suitable for shoe upper or automotive leather, we have the solution you need.

Main features
Granofin® B1 liq Vinyl Acetate/ Ethylene Copolymer Drum impregnation auxiliary for shoe upper and upholstery split leathers.
Relugan® AG Aqueous formulation of a Terpolymer Lightfastness and heat resistance above the syntan/vegetable standard - Improves tear strength and dyes levelness. Neck wrinkles can be covered.
Relugan® FS Acrylic copolymer in water Free of formaldehyde - Excellent fullness even in the flanks and bellies. Use for automotive leather and for children's footwear.
Relugan® RE Aqueous solution of a copolymer Polymer for use in retannages for chrome-tanned leather.
Relugan® RF Anionic, water-soluble polymeric tanning agent Polymeric tanning agent.
Relugan® RS Aqueous copolymer solution Acrylic polymer re-tanning agents.
Relugan® RV Acrylic polymer in water Recommended for use on shoe upper leather and leathergoods.
Relugan® SE Polymer dispersion based on methacrylic acid Rcommended for all types of leather that require high fastness properties like e.g. automotive leather.
Renektan® ZY/C Acrylic polymer Especially recommended for all type of shoe upper and tight nappa articles.
Synektan® R982 Acrylic Polymer with vegetable tanning agent Imparts fullness, roundness and tightness to the leather, keeping the grain smooth and fine.
Tergotan® ESN liq Soluble acrylic polymer Imparts good grain tightness, a round and full mellow feel plus a selective filling action.
Tergotan® PMB liq Modified acrylic copolymer and natural materials Gives an excellent filling action as well as the normal grain tightening properties of an acrylate.
Tergotan® PR liq Modified acrylate Imparts exceptional grain tightness, mellow feel and a selective filling action.
Tergotan® S conc liq Copolymer based on maleic acid styrene Retanning agent in all types of soft, milled leathers - Excellent milling and buffing.
Tergotan® TSP liq Copolymer based on a soft ester copolymer Production of all soft and milled leathers - Excellent grain softness, tightness and milling properties.

Find out more about our acrylic polymer retanning agents and their properties by downloading the catalogue at the bottom of this page.

Versatile, high-performance acrylic polymer retanning agents

From retanning agents with high light fastness and heat resistance to retanning agents with a high-electrolyte stability or bleaching properties, we have your requirements covered.

High-fastness retanning with Relugan®

Relugan® FS is an alternative to conventional resin tanning. Besides offering excellent heat resistance, light fastness and migration resistance, it also creates excellent fullness, even in leather taken from the belly and flank areas. It is formaldehyde-free and the residual monomer and inorganic salt content is low. This increases the overall sustainability of the leather.

Relugan® SE is an acrylic polymer retanning agent with high-fastness properties. It is very effective in retannages applied to soft milled leather. Relugan® SE can be used to manufacture elegant chrome-tanned or chrome-free leather with a natural appearance and extremely high fastness. This makes it a very suitable retanning agent for automotive leathers.

For shoe upper and leather goods, Stahl recommends Relugan® RV as your tanning agent of choice. It improves the fullness of chrome-tanned leathers and the tightness of the grain. It also reduces the elasticity of the leather. Relugan® RV is very effective when used with vegetable tanning agents and speeds up the vegetable tanning process.

Improve grain tightness of leathers for shoe uppers

Another recommendation for all types of shoe upper is Renektan® ZY/C. It has good heat and lightfastness and improves the tightness of the grain. It is also suitable for tight nappa products.

Ensure excellent filling action and grain tightness with Tergotan®

For exceptional grain tightness, tanners can best use Tergotan® PR liquid. Suitable for garments and upholstery, Tergotan® S concentrated liquid can be used for all types of soft milled leather. It has excellent milling and buffing properties. Tergotan® S concentrated liquid is part of our Stahl Neo® sustainable portfolio. 

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Acrylic polymer retanning agents for all leather types
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