Versatile amino resin portfolio for retanning

Do you want to retan leather while minimizing the use of formaldehyde? Stahl amino resins give excellent fullness, grain tightening and filling. They are also part of our ZDHC MRSL compliant Stahl Neo® portfolio, meeting the highest environmental standard. Our amino resins offer everything tanners need.

ProductTypeMain features
Relugan® DLFCondensation product of melamineEnhances the fullness in loose areas of the skin - Good buffing - Brilliant shades.
Relugan® DLF liqCondensation product of melamineEnhances the fullness in loose areas of the skin - Good buffing - Brilliant shades.
Renektan® DC-7-IT pDicyandiamide based resinEnhances the fullness in loose areas of the skin - Low astringency.
Renektan® DCT-IT pDicyandiamide based resinStrong selective filling & Tightening - Good buffing.
Tergotan® RE-5020 pReduced free formaldehyde resin based on amino compoundsFilling of open and loose areas of the hides and skins - Excellent fullness, even medium soft handle - Improved buffing.
Tergotan® RE-5021 liqCopolymerGrain tightness and fullness, especially in the belly areas.

Download the product catalogue below to get an overview of all our amino resins for retanning and their properties.

Enhance fullness with low-formaldehyde Relugan® technologies

Relugan® DLF and Relugan® DLF liquid are amino-resin-based retanning technologies made with a byproduct of melamine. Both technologies enhance the fullness of the skin, especially in the loosely structured regions. Relugan® technologies are highly recommended for all types of leather where very low formaldehyde content is a requirement, such as automotive leathers and children’s shoe uppers.

Renektan® technologies that use dicyandiamide-based resins

Our Renektan® portfolio offers two retanning alternatives based on dicyandiamide resins. Renektan® DC-7-IT p enables tanners to enhance fullness in the looser areas of a skin, plus it has good heat and lightfastness properties, and good grain tightening properties. Renektan® DCT-IT p can be used for strong and selective filling and tightening. It has good buffing properties and a medium handle.

Achieve excellent skin fullness with Tergotan® technologies

The amino resin retanning agents in our Tergotan® portfolio create excellent skin fullness. Tergotan® RE-5020 p is free of formaldehyde and has high filling properties. Tergotan® RE-5021 liquid is a copolymer that, when used in retanning, creates excellent grain tightness and fullness, especially in the belly area.