Low-formaldehyde blends for effective retanning

Besides our standard retanning ranges, Stahl also offers retanning blends to meet even the most specific needs tanners may have. All our retanning blends are low-formaldehyde. They comply with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) and therefore are included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio.

ProductTypeMain features
Tanicor® ARCondensation products based on sulfone and aromatic sulphonic acidsTight grain, as well as a full and pleasant soft handle.
Relugan® EF liqPreparation based on a polyolPhenol-free and formaldehyde-free alternative to conventional syntans.
Tanicor® FOFormulation based on condensation products of organic substancesEnhances the fullness of the leather, especially in the loosely structured areas of the skin.
Tanicor® FTG pBlend of Inorganic and Organic MaterialsGeneral purpose filling agent based on a special blend of organic and inorganic materials.
Tanicor® RS-34 pPolyaryl SulphonateEffective replacement syntan.
Tergotan® EF liqBio polymer based on polypeptides and aromatic sulphonatesExcellent grain tightness and a round handle with medium softness - Grain elasticity and fiber strentgh.

Find out all about Stahl’s blends for retanning by downloading the product catalogue at the bottom of the page.

Create high-quality leather with Tanicor®

The low-formaldehyde blends of the Tanicor® product portfolio create high-quality leather with excellent heat and lightfastness properties and water-resistant compatibility. Tanicor® AR is an ecological, all-purpose synthetic retanning agent to produce leather with a tight grain and a full and pleasantly soft handle. Polyol-based Tanicor® EF liquid for wet-blue and wet-white is phenol-free and formaldehyde-free and produces high-quality leather with a fine-grain patter and a soft, full handle. It is particularly recommended for garment and automotive leathers. Tanicor® FO, based on condensation byproducts of organic substances, is ideal for filling and tightness.

Tanicor® blends for medium to high filling

Tanicor® FTG p is a general-purpose filling agent consisting of a blend of organic and inorganic materials. Tanicor®RS-34 p is a polyaryl sulfonate which can be used as an effective replacement synthetic tanning material.

Excellent grain tightness with Tergotan® EF liquid

Tergotan® EF liquid is a bio-polymer based on polypeptides and aromatic sulfonates. It has excellent grain tightness and a round handle with medium softness.