Low-impact mineral retanning agents

Leather is often retanned to selectively increase its fullness and to provide a tight, dense and uniform grain surface for leather finishing. Stahl’s retanning agents use both organic and inorganic minerals to achieve the exact result you want.

ProductTypeMain features
Tanicor® BNBasic aluminium sulphateGives a tighter, denser grain. Allows the grain layer to be dyed more deeply and to be buffed more effectively.
Tanicor® PCR-ITChrome Syntan ComplexPretanning, tanning and retanning operations - Effective masking effect.

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Tanicor®* BN and Tanicor® PCR-IT for low-impact tanning and retanning

Tanicor® BN and Tanicor® PCR-IT are inorganic mineral substances. Tanicor® BN is an aluminum tanning agent that can be used in tanning and retanning. It improves the quality of the leather by giving it a tighter, denser grain which allows the grain layer to be buffed more highly and dyed more deeply. Tanicor® PCR-IT is a chrome syntan complex retanning agent with a soft handle and high filling capacity. It has an effective masking effect and is suitable for pretanning, tanning and retanning.

Both Tanicor® BN and Tanicor® PCR-IT are part of the sustainable Stahl Neo® portfolio and therefore comply with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL).