Neutralizing agents for optimal performance

The use of suitable neutralizing agents is essential to the optimal performance of retanning agents, fatliquors and dyes. Stahl’s high-performance neutralization agents adjust the pH of the leather to the required value. And with tanners keen to reduce their environmental impact, it’s good to know that all our neutralizing agents comply with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHZ) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), and therefore are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio.

ProductTypeMain features
Neutrigan®Mixture of organic and inorganic complexing agentsBuffered neutralizing agent for chrome-tanned leather.
Coralon® NL liquidSalts of organic acids and polyolsExcellent buffering action. Assist in the neutralization of chrome-tanned leather, and to basify wet white pretannages in a controlled manner.
Tanicor® APR pBlend of Special Phenolic Syntan and Buffering CompoundsEffective neutralisation with a mild retanning action, coupled with good light fastness.
Tanicor® AS6 liqSelected neutralising & buffering agentsExcellent neutralising syntan with good buffering capacity and the ability to promote both full and level dyeings.

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The right neutralizing agents for all types of leather tanning

Stahl offers a variety of neutralizing agents for all types of leather tanning. Whether it’s for chrome tanning, wet-white or vegetable tanning, we have the agent you need.

  • Neutrigan® for chrome-tanned leather and wet-white has a medium to firm handle. It consists of a mixture of both organic and inorganic complexing agents.

  • Coralon® NL liquid is the agent of choice if you are looking for a grain-upgrading neutralizing agent that is suitable for all types of tanning. Comprising salts from organic acids and polyols, it helps neutralize chrome tanned leather and basifies wet-white pretannages.

  • Tanicor® APR p can be used for neutralizing and buffering chrome-tanned leather, and has a medium to firm handle and good light fastness. Also in our Tanicor® portfolio is Tanicor® AS6 liquid. This offers a good dye yield and grain upgrade. Tanicor® AS6 liquid has a soft handle and can be used for chrome tanned leather, wet-white and vegetable tanned leather.