Stahl pickle-free leather tanning solutions

Our innovative pickle-free tanning agent adds an innovative solution to Stahl’s leather chemicals portfolio of process chemicals for responsible, high-quality leather production. Tanners benefit from higher process efficiency, reduced water, chemical and salt consumption and a reduced environmental impact. This makes it possible for tanners to have an efficient process that is also sustainable and yields ecofriendly premium leathers.

Prasanna Maduri, Stahl Campus® Manager India, explains the added value of sustainable technologies like the pickle-free tanning process: “The key benefits of the pickle-free technology are that it reduces the effluent load and eliminates the use of salt, acid and the basification process, depending on the type of substrate. This way we can reduce water consumption by about 40% and work towards a more efficient tanning process.

Advantages of pickle-free tanning

High-quality leather no longer forces a choice between responsible processes and efficiency. The main benefits of a pickle-free system that avoids salt addition during pickling are:

  1. Reduction of water consumption by up to 40%

  2. Shorter process time on cow, sheep and goat

  3. Cleaner effluent, TDS reduction by up to 40%

Features of salt-free tanning

  • No usage of Sulphuric acid and salt

  • Reduction in tanning time - depending on substrate

  • Reduced discharge of hazardous chemicals in effluent load

  • Hydrogen gas formation is completely eliminated as compared to conventional pickling system

  • Pickle free tanning – carried in Low float with complete elimination of Sodium chloride and Sulphuric acid

  • No additional infrastructure is required

  • Reduction in the offer of chrome dosage

  • High uptake and exhaustion of Chrome - higher fixation of chrome in the leather as a result low residual chrome in the discharge

  • Average Cr content > 4.0%

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