Sustainable leather tanning chemicals

Stahl’s sustainable tanning solutions help tanners prepare and tan leather with a lower environmental impact while still producing the high quality leather your customers demand. Whether for de-liming, bating or tanning, Stahl has solutions that enable tanners to meet stringent quality and environmental demands. All of our leather tanning chemicals are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which means they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

Learn more about Stahl’s deliming, bating and tanning solutions by downloading the catalogue on the bottom of this page.

Sustainable deliming agents for all leathers

Stahl’s responsible deliming agents, including solutions from our Decaltal® portfolio, can be used to remove residual hair and chemicals, including lime and sodium sulfide, from all types of leather.

High quality bating agents for soft, flexible and firm hides

Stahl offers a variety of bating agents that provide the high performance that tanners need to get soft, flexible and firm hides. Our bating agents include products from the Bemanol® and Feliderm® portfolios.

Tanning agents that meet or exceed standards

The Stahl BeTan® portfolio includes a broad spectrum of tannings solutions that meet or exceed performance and environmental standards. These include Granofin®, Relugan® and Imprapel® and our pickle-free tanning solutions.   Stahl tanning agents enable tanners to cut water and chemical usage, ithout compromising performance.

Auxiliary specialties that maximize results

Our auxiliary specialties help tanners maximize results in beamhouse and tanning operations by preventing damage and staining, plus improving the performance of other chemicals used in deliming, bating and tanning. The portfolio includes solutions from the Bemanol® portfolio and Sortassist®.