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At Stahl, we work collaboratively across a wide range of industries to deliver necessary chemistry that enables sustainable living. Our business is divided into three business units: leather chemicals performance coatings, and polymers. Our structure allows us to support our customers effectively by addressing the evolving needs and requirements of specific markets.

Stahl's leather chemical division

Surface coatings and process chemicals for leather are traditional areas of focus for Stahl. Our Leather Chemicals division offers innovative, purpose-focused solutions for established mainstream markets as well as emerging niche industry segments. This part of our business also works closely with our Performance Coatings and Polymers business units. Our Leather Chemicals teams focus on the wet-end and leather-finishing stages of the leather-making process. The wet-end stage involves converting rawhides into tanned products. Stahl offers targeted processing solutions that help tanners reduce their footprint while maintaining quality. The leather-finishing stage involves enhancing the softness and aesthetics of the tanned hide, removing odors, and creating non-slip surfaces for high-performance applications such as automotive interiors, footwear, bags, garments, leather goods, and upholstery.

Stahl’s Performance Coatings and Polymers business units

Our Performance Coatings and Polymers business units specialize in delivering high-performance coatings and providing the building blocks for synthetics, textiles, paper, plastics, and other flexible substrates. A performance coating is a product finish that upgrades virtually any type of flexible or rigid surface. Our products enable sustainable living by providing functionality, durability, and comfort to materials used in everyday life. The division’s business units operate globally, supporting our partners with customized commercial and technical services across multiple markets.

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