Our global business units

At Stahl, we work collaboratively across a wide range of industries to deliver coatings and treatment solutions for flexible substrates that enables sustainable living. Our business is divided into three business units: leather, performance coatings, and packaging coatings. Our structure allows us to support our customers effectively by addressing the evolving needs and requirements of specific markets.


Future-proof solutions for your leather

In a rapidly changing industry, innovation offers the opportunity to transform leather production the right way. Our leather coating solutions draw on Stahl’s rich heritage in delivering novel solutions for automotive, fashion, footwear, interiors and other key segments. 

Today, sustainability is a key focus. From wet-end to leather finishing, we develop solutions that contribute to a better world by improving durability and reducing the environmental impact of leather production. 

Performance coatings

Performance Coatings – where performance meets innovation 

Our cutting-edge coating solutions are not just about enhancing products; they're about touching lives. At Stahl, we specialise in developing sustainable coatings with a positive impact, offering a widerange of options for flexible substrates. 

For our Performance Coatings business, it's about more than what you can see – it's also about what you touch and feel. Join us in revolutionising industries with coatings that transcend the ordinary and elevate the extraordinary. Unveil pioneering and high-performance coating solutions that will transform automotive interiors for seat and trim surfaces and change the game for the elastomer coatings, synthetics, technical textiles, coated fabrics and industrial coatings industries. 

Packaging coatings

Speciality coatings for packaging and printing  

Stahl specialises in high-performance packaging and printing coatings for graphic arts and industrial customers. Our solutions are formulated for a wide range of applications, with a focus on paperboard, flexible films, and labels for food and fast-moving consumer goods.   

With our expertise in water-based and energy-cured coating technologies, we prioritise the use of sustainable raw materials and manufacturing methods that help to reduce environmental impacts without compromising performance.