Water-borne Permutex<sup>®</sup> PU Coatings

Water-borne Permutex® PU Coatings

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Permutex® is our portfolio of water-based polymer dispersions. This diverse portfolio is suitable for water-based coatings for synthetics, fabrics and other materials when emission reduction and high quality are both requirements for the end product.

Reduce VOC emissions with water-based polyurethane coatings

Our water-based Permutex® polymer contains a number of solutions that are NEP- and co-solvent-free, making the solutions in this portfolio low-VOC or VOC-free. The portfolio offers urethanes based on different polyols and diisocyanates:

  • Aliphatic or aromatic diisocyanates
  • Polyether, polyester or polycarbonate polyols
  • Acrylics

These are available in several ranges of hardness, ranging from very soft to very hard with solids levels up to 60%. We have even developed self-crosslinkable acrylics. It also contains cost-effective hybrids, adaptable to the properties of the continuous PU phase,and a range of crosslinkers. The Permutex® portfolio also contains numerous additives like defoamers, hand modifier, levelling agents, rheology modifiers and duller concentrates.

Versatile PU coating portfolio from base to top coat

Our Permutex® portfolio contains solutions for:

  • Foam coating
  • Skins & Adhesives
  • Top coats/finishes
  • Pigments
  • Crosslinkers

See also our Relcalink® crosslinker designed for automotive elastomer coatings

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Water-borne Permutex<sup>®</sup> PU Coatings
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