Water-based Matt Binders for luxurious and sustainable coating technologies

Consumer demands may have shifted to more sustainable and durable products, but they also desire a sense of quality and that luxurious look and feel. To meet the public demand for luxurious and natural matt appearances in coatings for products and materials Stahl offers polymer solutions such as our VOC-free, water-based matt binders. These provide durable matting effects for coatings with a high level of environmental responsibility.

Luxurious matting resins with excellent properties

Our Relca® matt binders meet the demand for luxurious matting resins and a reduced environmental footprint. These next-generation water-based resins lower gloss levels significantly, have a long shelf life and provide excellent UV resistance. These properties, combined with the sustainable advantages, make Relca® matt binders an ideal solution for the use in a great variety of functional coatings, such as architectural applications, plastics, metal coatings and technical film and paper. The Relca® portfolio consists of various solutions, each with its own properties and is compatible with water-based acrylics, polyurethanes and hybrids.

Key benefits of Relca® Matt Binders

Relca® matt binders offer a wide range of benefits for formulators looking for VOC- and surfactant-free matting resins, free of formaldehyde, amines, solvents or heavy metal. They offer a variety of benefits such as UV protection, scratch-, stain- and blocking resistance.

Key benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly label

  • Improved shelf life

  • Soft touch effect

  • Free of hazardous substances (Eg.: formaldehyde, amines, solvents, heavy metals)

  • UV protection

  • Scratch and stain-blocking resistant properties

  • Excellent gloss-lowering matting qualities

  • Versatile and suited for many applications

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Matt Binders product portfolio overview

Below you will find a selection of our matting solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for specific applications or to receive the full portfolio.

ProductSolids (%)Hardness (König, secs)Benefits
NuVera® PD-814
Provides low gloss and soft touch with silky effect. High flexibility.
Relca® PD-802
Soft touch with a silky feel. High flexibility.
Relca® PD-804
Soft touch with rubbery feel. High flexibility.
Relca® PD-805
High hardness and improves blocking resistance without elongation loss.
Relca® PD-817
39Provides dry touch and low gloss. Very good scratch, abrasion and scuff resistance