Relca®: water-based polyurethane resins for high performance coatings

Sustainable polymers are at the forefront of providing the innovative answers we need to meet society’s growing demand for products that are high performance, safe, and responsible. Leading the field is the Stahl Relca® polymers portfolio. Whether used for protection or aesthetics, Relca® water-based polymer technologies deliver durable and unique performance with a reduced environmental footprint.

Sustainable bio-based raw materials

Stahl Relca® portfolio delivers high-performance with sustainable and innovative raw materials. This range employs a variety of bio-based polyols and water-based resin technologies to provide the desired performance qualities with a lower environmental footprint. This enables coating, paint and ink manufacturers to add the best properties to their products with low VOC formulations while improving their sustainability with renewable content. Relca® coating solutions comprise solvent-free polyurethane dispersions and hybrids, water-based matt resins, bio-polyols, and bio-based binders. Application industries and solutions include:

Water-based matt binders

Our unique matt Relca® range represents the next generation of water-based resins. They can be used in any coating that requires a matt or satin effect while avoiding the use of standard matting agents like silica or waxes. This patented technology can be used in printing & packaging, wood, metal, plastic and concrete coating applications. Relca® matt binders also provide a long-lasting matt surface with gloss levels down to 1 at 60ºC or 45 at 85ºC, specific touch finishes, and they improve scratch and abrasion resistance.

Next-generation bio-based polyols and binders

Our Relca® portfolio also includes bio-based polyols and binders for eco-friendly coating solutions. The bio-based binders are solvent-free and consist of up to 66% renewable content. They can be used in a variety of sustainable coating types, from flexible formulations to high hardness finishes with excellent scratch and chemical resistance.

Architectural coatings

These cosolvent-free polyurethanes and VOC-free crosslinkers and polyurethanes enable customers to develop zero- or low-VOC formulations for wide use throughout the architectural coatings value chain. Our self-crosslinking resin, for example, delivers excellent stain resistance, very good hot coffee resistance in white pigmented coatings, and fast drying and high hardness.

Coil & industrial metals

Relca® coating products for industrial metals enhance corrosion resistance without compromising on performance or the environment. Our high-tech solvent-free polyurethane dispersions deliver excellent adhesion on different metals and outstanding corrosion resistance. It can be formulated to make low-VOC eco-friendly coatings, and can be used in several applications like organic coil coating.'

Printing & packaging

We offer a wide range of high-performance polyurethanes for flexible packaging. Our unique polymers help to ensure that complex composite food packaging can withstand heating and freezing without delaminating. For example, our aliphatic polycarbonate urethane for soft-touch coatings shows good resistance to UV, heat, hydrolysis, and chemical resistance. Our solvent-free, aliphatic and UV-curable polycarbonate shows excellent chemical and stain resistance with high flexibility.

Automotive plastics

When you want to make a plastic surface feel soft to the touch, Relca® is what you need. Relca® based coatings are durable, chemically resistant and perfect for automotive industry applications. For example, our solvent-free polyurethane dispersions provide a soft-touch effect along with outstanding adhesion and chemical resistance.

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