Stahl Polymers for top-class resins and crosslinker technology

Stahl Polymers for top-class resins and crosslinker technology

Stahl Polymers supplies various industries with resins for high-end coatings. Our innovative polymer technologies provide the desired properties, matching the precise needs for coatings, paints and inks. From outdoor resistance and high hardness for indoor coatings, to a soft touch and elasticity for flexible materials, we help you find the right match. 

Improving coatings and inks with high-performance resins

We develop and supply resins that meet the high-performance demands for indoor and outdoor wood, metal coatings, printing & packaging industry and electronics & automotive plastics with our Relca® and Picassian® resin portfolios. Our acrylics, polyurethanes, hybrids, (matt) binders and carbodiimide crosslinkers help formulators meet demands for high-end product coatings where specific qualities are required. Where Stahl Polymers really excels is in our customer-focused approach, supplying polymer solutions directly in shipments tailored to your production scale with competitive pricing. Additionally, we can share extensive product data, sample formulations and further application advice on our wide range of specific polymer solutions.

Go-to partner for polymer coating formulation

Our clients work directly with us, which enables us to provide exact advice and various additional services. When you get in touch with our team, you’ll be directly communicating with a hands-on expert that guides you through the various options, translates your requirements into coating properties and consultancy on the right solution. During this process, we can service you even further with additional data, suggest possibilities when adaptation or development is required and even assist you in testing trials in our extensive facilities around the globe. We work side-by-side with you as customer to create the right fit for your formulation in cost-efficiency, performance and responsibility.

Sustainable resins, water-based and bio-based

Formulators face the challenge of increasing demands for more sustainable coatings, paints and inks that meet strict environmental regulations while delivering the expected performance. Stahl Polymers is committed to developing sustainable alternatives that have the same exceptional properties as traditional coating resins. That’s why many of our resins are water-based and we even launched a responsible, bio-based portfolio featuring resins based on innovative C18 polyols. Find out more about our bio-based polymer technologies.

Industries overview

We offer a variety of solutions for a number of different industries. Explore our available solutions or inquire after the possibilities for your coating, paint or ink. 

We offer technical solutions with key performance qualities and a reduced environmental footprint. 

Custom resins for product differentiation

One of the key benefits of working with Stahl Polymers as your partner for coating resins is our flexibility and ability to deliver custom resins solutions. A large part of our regular clients use Stahl Polymers as development partner for new polymer technologies for innovative resins with enhanced properties. No market option available for your desired formulation? Our chemical experts are at your disposal for custom design and development of innovative resins that offer a competitive edge to your coating or ink. We make it happen. Contact us for the possibilities. 

Interested in our polymer technologies and resins or are you looking for custom solutions for your coating formulation?

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Stahl Polymers for top-class resins and crosslinker technology
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