Powder Coatings that exceed all your expectations

Powder Coatings that exceed all your expectations

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In your line of sight there may be a variety of coated items made from wood, metal or synthetic materials. Many of these products, like furniture, flooring or wall cladding, require coatings that last for years and retain their aesthetic qualities. There’s a variety of coating options available, but this often means choosing between performance, cost-efficiency and sustainability. With Stahl Powder Coatings, you can have the best on all fronts.

High-performance Powder Coatings for any shape and substrate

Our PermaQure® powder coatings are available for indoor and outdoor applications and are used in industries varying from furniture, interior design, architecture to point of sale. One key advantage is the ability to coat heat-sensitive substrates, such as plywood, MDF or other compound wood and even plastics, which is a challenge for coating systems. Using low-temperature UV-curing or ultra low bake curing resolves this issue, and enables the coating of almost any substrate. As a result, designers are completely free to imagine any type of design in even the most complex 3D shapes, which can be coated with a single layer. Being VOC-free, Stahl’s powder coatings offer the hazardless alternative for harmonious interiors and furniture. This creates the added benefit of exemption from stringent emission regulations, such as the 2010/75/EU. IED Industrial Emissions Directive, making regulatory approval faster and simpler. Additionally, part of the Stahl Powder Coatings portfolio is food contact approved.

Key product benefits, using Stahl Powder Coatings:

Process improvement, lower costs and environmental benefits

One of the key benefits of Stahl Powder Coatings is improved efficiency for the coating process. Due to the efficient application and fast UV/ULB curing, the coated product is instantly finished and ready for shipping. The lower temperatures, effective coating and removed need for additional curing/drying effectively reduce the energy costs, while powder reclamation ensures there’s virtually no process-waste. Additionally, the process benefits from reduced waste and zero use of cleaning agents lowers the environmental impact of the coating process significantly. Want to know more? Download the whitepaper now.

Green footprint Process benefits
No emissions, simplifies investment application  Processing time between 3.5 to 8 minutes
100% VOC free 1 layer coating process: high film thickness
No solvents or hazardous substances Envelope finish complex 3D shapes coated in a single layer
100% solid coating Broad range of colors, glosses and surface aspects possible
Up to 99% powder utilization Full automatic application
Carbon footprint reduced by >60% No drying time for immediate packaging
Recycling Shorter lead times and reduction in enventory


Stahl offers tailor-made solutions for the Ultraviolet (UV) and Ultra Low Baking (ULB) curing processes. Both powder-coating processes can be customized with properties such as gloss, surface smoothness and special effects. Technical properties can also be adjusted to meet end-user demands such as chemical and scratch resistance, hardness and flexibility. PermaQure® UV powder coatings offer great chemical and mechanical resistance and protects against abrasion, scratches and crosscut adhesion. That is why UV Powder Coatings are very suitable for materials with severe usage in kitchens and bathrooms. PermaQure® ULB powder coating is recommended for materials with a lower-performance usage, like shelves and TV-stands.
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Stahl Powder Coatings product overview

Type Name Technology Wooden Materials Plastic Materials Assembled Metal
Natural Wood

PermaQure® Liquid Water-based

PermaQure® ULB
Thermosetting powder

PermaQure® UV
UV curing

Top Coats

PermaQure® Liquid TC

PermaQure® ULB
Thermosetting powder

PermaQure® UV
UV curing

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Powder Coatings that exceed all your expectations
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