Stahl EVO®

Rules and legislation like the MRSL and RSL supports a sustainable future of our industry, by advising or banning materials and components that are hazardous to our environment or our people. As a result professionals are looking for alternative coatings and finishes for leather and synthetics or as it is often called pleather or leatherette. We prefer to use the term synthetics. Read this article to learn more about our view on sustainability terminology.

Our Stahl EVO® range is the next generation of polyurethane-coatings for synthetics. Manufacturers can select those building blocks that enable them to cost-effectively produce coated materials in a more sustainable way and in line with the latest trends. Our Stahl EVO® coatings do not contain any hazardous classified substances and offer the performance leading brands are used to. Our latest innovative additions are the 100% water-based Stahl EVO® top coat and the DMF(A)-free Stahl EVO® base. The latter is a more sustainable alternative for the conventional DMF(A)-coagulation process, which is especially important for the fashion and automotive interior industries. 

Manufacturers can select the building blocks they need, to produce coatings according to the desired functionality and look and feel:

  • Stahl EVO® FINISH
    Our Stahl EVO® finish range consists of selected finishes, crosslinkers and additives. The core of the range is water-based, supplemented by solvent finishes if preferred. The 100% water-based Stahl EVO® top coat is one of our latest innovations.
    Our Stahl EVO® skin and adhesive series consist of polyurethane dispersions and mild solventborne solutions. The water-based Permutex® RC skin and adhesive compounds are ready for use and easy to be processed, just like traditional solvent systems. The Stahl EVO mild solventborne urethanes can be used with a full range of transfer paper to maximize the design freedom.
  • Stahl EVO® BASE Permutex®
    Our Stahl EVO® base is the more sustainable alternative for the traditional coagulation base thanks to the Permutex® mechanical foam. Permutex® RC foam compounds are ready to use and result into consistant application with high performance for almost all synthetic applications. Permutex® mechanical foam can be used in transfer coatings or as direct coating on textile.
  • Stahl EVO® BASE PermaQure®
    Our patented PermaQure® EVO base evolved out of classical high solids polyurethanes. PermaQure® EVO products contain no volatile components at all and are therefore free of odor and emissions. Different from classic high solids, PermaQure® EVO does not contain blocking agents like Mekoximes. It provides a thick and endurable coating layer with excellent hydrolysis resistance and can be compact or foamed. PermaQure® EVO is specially designed for high performance transfer coating process.
    Our water-based Stahl EVO® Permutex® PP mild Pigment series are suitable for all types of water-based coatings. This VOC free, APEO based emulsifier combines excellent color fastness with easy dosing and high color reproducibility.

    Our new Stahl EVO® Permuthane® UP solvent pigment series is not only compatible with all Stahl EVO® skins and adhesives, but also with traditional solvent polyurethanes. 

Digital printing for synthetics surfaces
The market is changing with an increased demand for personalized and customized products are more and more in demand. This increased the demand for printed surfaces with a longer lifespan and retained aesthetics. To meet this demand Stahl EVO®was combined with HP Latex Printing technology, to create a enduring printing solutions with responsible technology. Find out more.


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