Stahl EVO<sup>®</sup> responsible coatings with high-performance properties

Stahl EVO® responsible coatings with high-performance properties

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Awareness of the environmental impact of products has changed the market and consumer demand. Stahl EVO® is designed to meet that demand, while delivering consistent performance that products require and users expect. With Stahl EVO®, we offer a new generation of top coats, skins, adhesives and foams for synthetic materials and other substrates, fully compliant with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) manufacturing restricted substance list (MRSL), some even exceeding those standards. 

Driving industry change with sustainable chemistry

As market leader in chemical solutions for flexible substrates, Stahl has been driving innovation with more responsible chemistry and expertise in water-based solutions for synthetic surfaces. As one of the first companies to file patents on water-base PU dispersions, we have technology that makes a difference in a market looking for transparency on raw materials and chemical usage, as legislative changes further restrict the use of hazardous substances. For example, Stahl EVO® is VOC-, APEO- and DMF(A)-free, meaning these coating solutions meet current market standards on safety and health requirements. 

Full portfolio from base to top coat

Stahl EVO® enables the creation of full coating solutions with a complete portfolio. Our coating technologies are compatible with one another for optimal performance and coating consistency, but also with non-Stahl products. The Stahl EVO® portfolio has solutions from the coating base to our top coats, with a variety of benefits in durability, resistance properties and aesthetic qualities:

Digital printing technologies and Stahl EVO®

As customer demand leans more and more towards custom items and personalized products, we’ve developed a cutting-edge printing technology by combining Stahl EVO® coatings with HP Latex Printing technology, which is highly durable and environmentally responsible. Find out more

Key benefits of Stahl EVO®

Use of our Stahl EVO® portfolio of coating solutions offers various benefits to brands and manufacturers, both in product quality and environmental responsibility as well as in brand image and market positioning. 

Key benefits include:

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Stahl EVO<sup>®</sup> responsible coatings with high-performance properties
Eric Timmermans
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