Stahl Center of Excellence for Shoes & Leather Goods in Italy

Stahl Center of Excellence for Shoes & Leather Goods in Italy

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Say Italy and you think of fashion. Say fashion and you think of Italy. Which is why we located our Center of Excellence for shoes and leather goods in Santa Croce, Castelfranco di Sotto, where we focus on meeting the needs of tanneries and the shoe and leather goods fashion industry. And with Italy still regarded as the world leader in fashion and leather craftmanship, the center enables us to serve the entire global fashion industry as well.

Expertise in leather shoes and goods

With our extensive leather chemicals portfolio, we enable our partners to bring their designs and product portfolios to an even higher level. The Center of Excellence provides tailor-made, sustainable solutions for the entire production process from raw hides to finish and aftercare. It further develops new technologies and creates customized solutions that match the specific needs of clients. It also offers in-house training.

Creating top-quality leathers together at our Center of Excellence

The center is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to create solutions that meet even the most critical and specific customer demands in performance, sustainability, compliance and style. With this Center of Excellence we can inspire our partners to work with us on new, low-impact solutions that change the fashion industry, such as, such as Shoe Finish, Edge Paint, Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ and leather upgrading solutions.

Our Center of Excellence in Italy also works closely with the Stahl Center of Excellence for Leather Finish in China and the Stahl Design Studio®.

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