Stahl golden hands: Meet our dedicated material specialists around the world

Stahl employs highly qualified leather, performance coating and packaging coating specialists in the world. But we know we can do more. That’s why we also have another group of specialists – our Golden Hands. Golden Hands are dedicated technicians who spend almost all their time at our clients’ locations, where they work together to achieve the best possible result.

The smart way to save time and achieve your goal

The applications of our leather, performance coatings and packaging coatings are endless. Plus, we also offer a broad range of solutions, from cleaning, protection, refinishing and repairing to coloring pigments and dyes. Our team of over 600 Golden Hands help our clients and partners select the optimal materials based on appearance, feel, weight, experience and sustainability. The Golden Hands ‘sense’ which material will work best for the product they want to make. And they can explain why. Stahl’s Golden Hands save you time and money while also helping you to improve the overall quality, performance and success of your products.

Stahl Golden Hands are specially trained materials specialists

Stahl Golden Hands are carefully selected and trained materials specialists. Graduates of our Stahl Campus®, they are the experts when it comes to performance coatings and leather solutions. Our Golden Hands know what’s possible, what isn’t, the properties of each type of material and the best solutions from an environmental perspective.

Help with making the right sustainable choices

Our Golden Hands also play a key role in our commitment to sustainability. Through them, we can contribute to a better future by advising our clients on sustainable alternatives. Excellent products that work as well or better than the traditional ones, but which are more environmentally responsible as well. Stahl Golden Hands help our partners choose materials that will reduce their waste and contribute to a more sustainable production process.