Stahl, the go-to beamhouse expert

Stahl, the go-to beamhouse expert

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One of our goals is to help the tanning industry create a more ecological beamhouse process. We therefore offer tanners a complete portfolio that meets today’s environmental challenges without compromising leather quality. Building on years of experience in beamhouse operations and employing the best technical experts around the world, we are the go-to beamhouse expert. We help tanners reduce their water consumption and shorten the beamhouse process with environmentally friendly chemistry.

A beamhouse portfolio that reduces environmental challenges

Stahl’s beamhouse portfolio covers every step in the beamhouse process with products that help tanners overcome your environmental challenges: from soaking, liming and de-liming to bating. Our responsible beamhouse portfolio can help you reduce your water consumption, minimize your use of sulfides and overcome other environmental challenges. All while continuing to produce high-quality leather. 

100% biodegradable Proviera® - Priobiotics for Leather™

Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather™ can be used to create high-quality leathers while at the same time significantly improving quality of the wastewater emitted by traditional beamhouse processes. Proviera® solutions can be used on any type of hide or skin to soak, lime, de-lime, degrease and in other process steps. 

Sustainable leather tanning with Stahl EasyWhite Tan™

Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ offers tanners and brands a range of production, marketing, quality and environmental benefits. These range from soft, smooth and lighter leather in every color, to more eco-friendly and sustainable production and a simpler tanning process that is quicker and lower cost too.

Responsible and more sustainable beamhouse process

Stahl has a complete portfolio of beamhouse solutions for anti-wrinkling, dehairing and removing scud effectively and more sustainably. Portfolio solutions include Basozym® , Bemanol, Decaltal, Eusapon, Feliderm and Mollescal®. With the responsible beamhouse portfolio, Stahl helps tanners reduce their use of sulfides significantly.

Efficient and environmental improvements  

Stahl EasyBlue Tan™ is ideal for tanners who want their chrome-based wet-blue tanning system to be more environmentally friendly. Use it to create the same quality products using your familiar process and improve your sustainability footprint as you do it.

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Stahl, the go-to beamhouse expert
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