Low-impact leather-soaking chemicals that improve efficiency

Soaking is the first step in the beamhouse process. During soaking, hides and skins reabsorb water that may have been lost during curing, transportation or after flaying. It also cleans them and removes unwanted contaminants like dirt and grease. Result: hides that are ready for the liming process. Our responsible soaking solutions improve the efficiency and lower the environmental footprint of the leather soaking process. All soaking solutions are ZDHC-compliant and therefore included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio.

Feliderm® S-20

Feliderm® S-20 is a specific enzymatic soaking auxiliary for all types of raw stock. It removes non-structured proteins such as albumin, globulin or native protein. Excellent results are obtained by the combination of Feliderm® S-20 in the soaking process and Mollescal® MF or Mollescal® AB in the liming process. The hides and skins are smoother, have a finer grain, flatter wrinkles and fewer growth marks. It also improves yield without causing looseness in the flanks.

Bemanol® RS-100

Bemanol® RS-100 is a biodegradable nonionic – an anionic wetting agent, emulsifier and degreasing agent. The special formulation provides a uniform soaking in all cross section. The high HLB helps to keep the natural fat in emulsion during soaking, improving the penetration of the alkali during the liming stage. Bemanol® RS-100 can also be used for wet-back, wet-blue, wet-white and crust.

Bemanol® 1-SN

Bemanol® 1-SN is a biodegradable anionic wetting agent. It promotes a gentle but rapid soaking effect in all types of hides and skins. It increases the solubility and removal of unwanted non-structural proteins like hyaluronic acid that can create a hard grain layer. Soaked hides or skins are uniform and softer, improving the penetration of alkali in later stages.

Eusapon® W

Eusapon® W is an anionic combination of surfactants. While mainly used in soaking and liming processes, Eusapon® W can also be applied in wetting back of wet-blue, wet-white and crust. Eusapon® W can be used to soak all raw stocks in the manufacture of all types of leather. It is a low-foaming wetting agent that is readily biodegradable and does not have any detrimental effects on any water repellents that are applied later in the process.

Feliderm® W-20 

Feliderm® W-20 is a specially selected magnesia compound that provides the desired alkalinity during the soaking stage. It has a self-regulating pH and solubilizes in a gradual and controlled manner during the initial stages of soaking. The result is the maintenance of an optimal pH of 9.0-9.5 throughout the soaking stage without needing further additions or other types of alkali. It does not react with natural fats in the substrate, so there is no risk of fat soaps forming during the soaking process.

Feliderm® SWP 

Feliderm® SWP is a polyphosphate base product specially selected for its strong dispersing action on natural fats, soluble proteins and blood residues. It is highly recommended for use in all soaking systems as it promotes the rapid rehydration of hides and skins, making soaking more even and uniform.