Crosslinkers that enhance leather fastness and durability

Crosslinkers that enhance leather fastness and durability

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Stahl’s crosslinkers effectively improve fastness, primarily for base and top coats but also for sealer coats, for a wide range of applications in the automotive, shoes and leather goods, garments and upholstery. They include Aqualen®, Melio®, and XR products, and some carbodiimide crosslinkers, which meet even higher environmental standards.

Type Main features
Aqualen® AKU Polyaziridine Improves fastnesses.
Aqualen® IW-80.A Polyisocyanate Improves fastnesses.
Melio® 09-R-179 Polyurea Improves print retention, wet fastnesses and flexes.
Melio® 09-S-11 Polyisocyanate Improves fastnesses - Promotes excellent flexibility.
XR-2514 Polyaziridine Improves fastnesses.
XR-2521 Polyaziridine Improves fastnesses.
XR-5525 Polycarbodiimide Improves fastnesses.
XR-5540 Polyisocyanate Improves fastnesses - Keeps finishing dull.
XR-5585 Polyisocyanate Improves fastnesses - Keeps finishing dull - Inline dosing.
XR-13-436 Polyisocyanate Improves fastnesses - UV fastness.
XR-13-820 Polyisocyanate Improves fastnesses - Promotes excellent flexibility.
XR-13-906 Polycarbodiimide Improves wet rub - Good print retention.

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Crosslinkers to ensure fastness

Crosslinking works by connecting polymers through reactive chemistry, thus strengthening the network of a specific coating. As an addition to coating formulations, they provide a wide range of additional possibilities.

In particular, Stahl’s crosslinkers improve fastness in leather goods, adding high-performance protection to leather for a range of applications. They also offer other beneficial properties such as improved print retention and flexes, encouraging high flexibility, retaining dull finishes, and UV fastness.

Environmentally friendly carbodiimide enhancers

Our range of crosslinkers also includes two carbodiimide crosslinkers, which are much less sensitive to water and have a long pot life. Due to their high reactivity, curing with these crosslinkers can be done at room temperature and under typical oven conditions used for the drying of applied coatings.

Stahl’s crosslinkers are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio , which means that they comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

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Crosslinkers that enhance leather fastness and durability
Joachim Henkmann
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