Cationic fatliquors with excellent fastness properties

Cationic fatliquors with excellent fastness properties

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Cationic fatliquors are formed by emulsifying raw oil with a cationic agent. They have excellent electrolyte stability and lightfastness as well as an antistatic effect. Stahl offers various cationic fatliquors for the production of different types of leather. These enable tanners to reduce their chemical usage, improving sustainability. All cationic fatliquors are part of our Stahl Neo® portfolio, which ensures that no substances listed on the ZDHC MRSL are intentionally added.

Main features
Catalix® GSX liq Weakly cationic fatliquor polymer Suitable for use on many leather types and a variety of applications and uses, such as in mineral tanning baths, as a top fatliquor or as a feel and lustre enhancer for suedes and nubuck leathers.
Catalix® LX liq Cationic fatliquor polymer Can be used in pickling, tanning, rechroming and as a dye shade intensifier for anionic dyestuffs.
Catalix® 150 liq Cationic fatliquor polymer Both as a traditional fatliquor or as part of multi-charge fatliquoring systems to optimize uptake, softness and COD in production.
Lipoderm® Cat NO Cationically emulsified natural oil Effective fatliquor for chrome leather, ensuring uniform fatliquoring; by contrast, leather tanned or retanned with vegetable or synthetic products is fatliquored primarily on the surface.

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Responsible Catalix® fatliquors that reduce environmental impact

The Catalix® portfolio comprises three solutions that help tanners both produce high-quality leather and improve sustainability, by reducing chemical usage up to 20%. All three products are stable to acids and electrolytes and have excellent penetration properties. Catalix® GSX liquid is suitable for use on many leather types and for many applications, and enhances the feel and handle of the leather. Catalix® LX liquid can be used in pickling, tanning and rechroming. It also serves as a dye shade intensifier for anionic dyestuffs. It prevents tangling, improves the strength of the leather and is suitable for low-fogging leather. Catalix® 150 liquid can be used both as traditional fatliquor and as part of a multi-charge fatliquoring system. Here, it optimizes uptake, softness and COD. 

Ensure uniform fatliquoring with Lipoderm® CAT NO

Lipoderm® CAT NO is a versatile fatliquor that ensures uniform fatliquoring. It is especially effective for chrome-tanned leather. It prevents tangling and improves the strength of the leather. Lipoderm® CAT NO is particularly suitable for shoes and leather goods.

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Cationic fatliquors with excellent fastness properties
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