High-performance bating agents for soft, flexible and firm hides

Bating – treating hides with enzymes to soften them while maintaining their flexibility and firmness – is a very important stage in leather processing. In this process, proteases are used to remove scud and unwanted proteins. Our bating agents are included in our Stahl Neo® portfolio. All products included in this portfolio comply with the ZDHC MRSL.
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Feliderm® 1000

You want a high-performance bating agent – and Feliderm® 1000 is the perfect choice. Use it to clean off the scud left after liming with products such as Bemanol® RS-200. It also ensures the skin is fully opened up. This results in smooth, clean pelts with a tight grain that can be dyed to highly even and intense shades.

Feliderm® C 10

Feliderm® C 10 is a pancreatic bating agent for all types of raw stock in the production of all types of leather. This high-performance bating agent removes the remaining hair roots and cleans off the scud left after liming. Pelts bated with Feliderm® C 10 are elastic yet show a fine, tight grain, even in the belly region. The pelts can be dyed to highly even and intense shades.

Feliderm® CS 10

In Feliderm® CS 10, Stahl has a special enzyme preparation that can be used in acidic media to open up the structure of hides and skins. It is especially appropriate for small skins and fur. It also reduces or eliminates folds in pickled skins that have been stored for too long. And because it relaxes the fiber structure of the skin, it improves the softness and elasticity of skins and pelts. Feliderm® CS 10 does not loosen the hair or wool of furs.

Bemanol® RS-305

Bemanol RS-305, a universal bating agent that dissolves the dermatan sulfate, makes the leather softer and tighter in the neck and butt (middle) area. Wet-blue shapes become squarer, resulting in a better cutting yield.

Bemanol® RS-325

Bemanol® RS-325 is a bating agent that demonstrates a specific action in the dermatan sulfate and on the residual, insoluble proteins and keratins present in the wet-blue or wet-white stock. This making the leather cleaner, softer and tighter in the neck and butt (middle) area. Bemanol® RS-325 can be used in main wetting the back of wet-blue and wet-white hides before splitting or shaving. It can be used in several stages, such as first washing after shaving, neutralization or overnight rechroming. Bemanol® RS-325 supports better re-tanning agent and fat-liquor penetration and fixation in later operations. As a result, color shades are more uniform and the milling pattern is more regular in the neck area, preventing the so-called “chicken grain” appearance.

Feliderm® Bate PB-1

Feliderm® Bate PB1-IN p is a specially formulated bating agent that uses pancreatic enzymes and buffering agents on a kaolin base. Feliderm® Bate PB1-IN p can be used in the traditional bating of all bovine, sheep, pig, goatskin and other animal hides and skins. Feliderm® Bate PB1-IN p creates a softer, stronger and more relaxed leather while maintaining the integrity of the grain layer.