The Rinspeed metroSNAP: reimagining mobility

The Rinspeed metroSNAP: reimagining mobility

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The Rinspeed metroSNAP concept car marks the fifth anniversary of Stahl’s partnership with Rinspeed. Designed to be secure, easy-to-use and modular, the vehicle meets the demand for mobility solutions that support smart city and passenger transport. Stahl’s contribution incorporates responsible chemistry through the use of sustainably produced leather, more durable interior materials and bio-based Premium Botanic materials.

Leather produced with sustainable wet-end technologies

The leather used inside the metroSNAP was produced using our sustainable wet-end technologies. We used Proviera® - Probiotics for Leather in place of traditional beamhouse chemicals. These biodegradable alternatives improve wastewater quality and cut chemical requirements. The leather was tanned with Stahl’s sustainable tanning system, Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ , which lowers the carbon footprint, cuts water consumption and reduces the raw material requirements of leather production.

Light-colored interiors for shared mobility

Inspired by the aviation industry, which has always been a shared-mobility transport mode, we developed High Wear Leather for the interior of the Rinspeed MetroSNAP. This provides exceptional performance in terms of aesthetics, resilience and durability for light-colored surfaces. We also applied our next-generation technology platform: Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+. Interiors treated with this technology last longer, are easier to maintain and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

Contributing to circularity with Premium Botanic Materials

Stahl has partnered with Lenzing in a joint quest to create more circular interior solutions. Refibra™, an innovative botanic material based on eucalyptus, has been treated with Stahl’s latest bio-based coating and topcoat systems to improve its performance properties in the metroSNAP. By working as partners, Lenzing and Stahl have redefined the sustainability benchmark for premium synthetic trim in mobility applications.

Pull-up automotive leather for a luxurious look and feel

The interior components of the MetroSNAP use authentic blue pull-up leather. This gives it a vintage and crafted look and feel. Implementing this design effect in mobility is a market first that enhances the experience of the new ‘third-living space’ mobility environment. In addition we applied our original PolyMatte® for a matte look and soft feel.

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The Rinspeed metroSNAP: reimagining mobility
Alexander Schieke
Global Market Manager - Mobility