Seat and trim mobility solutions

A new automotive era calls for a new generation of Seat & Trim solutions …

Driving an EV-ready future

Automotive brands are under increasing pressure to reduce their Scope 3 emissions, meaning they’re looking to Tier 1 suppliers to produce lower-impact components. On top of this, the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) has reached a tipping point in many markets, bringing new performance requirements for automotive interiors.

At Stahl, we’re ready to help automotive customers meet the changing needs of today’s mobility sector with our advanced range of low-impact, high-performance Seat & Trim coating solutions. Read on to discover why creating luxurious, environmentally conscious, durable automotive interiors has never been easier …

Enabling a low-impact automotive value chain

The way we use vehicles is changing, whether it’s ridesharing, vehicle-as-a-service models, or autonomous driving. In an increasingly cabin-focused automotive market, the demand for interiors that offer “home-from-home” levels of quality and functionality has never been greater.

Our Seat & Trim portfolio of low-impact coatings for interior surfaces balances excellent technical performance with an enhanced sensory experience for drivers and passengers. Discover our range of advanced solutions below and download the new brochure to find out more.

Stahl Stay Clean®

For durable, stay-clean interior surfaces, Stahl Stay Clean® is our dirt-repelling protective coating that guards against all common sources of stains – including dirt, coffee, and dye – making it ideally suited to pale-colored vehicle interiors. Alongside exceptional cleanability, it offers a range of performance features, including squeak reduction.


Want to create a luxurious matte finish for your Seat & Trim components? PolyMatte® provides a smooth, extreme low-gloss surface with excellent soft-touch haptics. Suitable for both different kind of synthetics, our solution offers outstanding scratch and abrasion resistance. PolyMatte® is even available in a bio-based formulation, reducing the use of fossil-based feedstocks.

Stahl Stay Silent®

The quietness of EV motors makes noiseless cabins a priority for automotive manufacturers. Stahl Stay Silent® enables OEMs to create luxurious, squeak-free interior components, enhancing the driving experience. And its protection is built to last – offering reliable noise suppression performance over an entire 100,000 km vehicle lifecycle. Stahl Stay Silent® also offers a range of mechanical and environmental benefits, including low VOC content, high abrasion resistance, and soft-touch haptics.

Stahl NuVera®

Made from renewable feedstocks, the Stahl NuVera® polyurethane range leverages Stahl’s PU expertise to deliver the exceptional Stahl performance you expect – while helping to reduce your carbon footprint. All NuVera® renewable carbon-based products comply with the latest Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) regulations and are ASTM-certified. Together, we can accelerate the transition to more sustainable material solutions.

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