Seat and trim mobility solutions

Seat and trim mobility solutions

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In a fast-changing mobility sector, we work with our OEM partners to help them meet their product development goals in a safe, responsible way. Our interior seat and trim solutions are designed with sustainability and performance in mind. This gives designers the freedom to create high-quality aesthetic interiors for cars, airplanes, and public transport.

Pristine pale-colored interiors with Stahl Stay Clean®

Stahl Stay Clean® is Stahl’s protective solution for pale-colored car trims. Our solution helps manufacturers significantly increase the durability of interior surfaces by protecting the surface and enhancing its abrasion resistance. It provides a dirt-repelling, protective shell surface that guards against common types of soiling, from dye transfer from jeans and coffee stains to general wear and tear.

PolyMatte® for luxurious, durable matt coatings

Stahl’s high-end matting technology, PolyMatte®, is specially designed for luxurious interior seat and trim surfaces. Suitable for leather and synthetics, our solution provides a highly durable matt coating with a soft touch. PolyMatte® increases the scratch and abrasion resistance of the leather so it retains its luxurious appearance for a long time. PolyMatte® is also available as a bio-based solution.

Leather technologies

Stahl offers a full product portfolio for leather production, from wet-end to leather finishing. Our responsible tanning, finishing, and aftercare products enable manufacturers to create high-quality, durable, and safe automotive leather with complete design freedom.

Stahlite® for sustainably produced lightweight leather

We recognize the growing need for lighter vehicle solutions, and that each gram of weight saved reduces emissions, saves fuel, and extends range. With Stahlite®, tanners can

produce lightweight leathers for vehicle trim, enabling weight savings of up to 30% with no loss of quality. Further, by switching to the Stahlite® range, tanners can shorten production time to reduce their chemical, water, and energy usage.

Carbodiimide crosslinkers

Carbodiimide crosslinkers offer manufacturers a sustainable solution for enhancing coating qualities with additional properties. Friendly labeled and with a long pot life, these crosslinkers offer multiple benefits. At Stahl, we provide a range of sustainable, safe, and easy-to-use crosslinkers that don’t compromise on performance. 

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Seat and trim mobility solutions
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