Rinspeed microSNAP: great innovations, low impact

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Stahl’s fourth collaboration with Rinspeed was the microSNAP concept car. Here, we focused on the long-term trend for personal-hygiene solutions in car interiors. 

Advanced chemistry for a lower impact on the environment

Stahl believes in inspirational partnerships because of the value they create. For the Rinspeed microSNAP, we have worked together with Bader Leather to co-develop next-generation, environmentally friendly natural automotive leather. After carefully selecting the raw materials, we have used advanced chemistry based on natural, renewable resources made from plant ingredients with a low impact on the environment. Together, Stahl and Bader challenged the norms and pushed the boundaries in each stage of the leather manufacturing process. The end result is a natural leather of the highest quality produced in a more responsible way, meeting the demands of the automotive sector of tomorrow.

High performance and aesthetic value

Pale colored car interiors are proving increasingly popular, while the trends towards car sharing and viewing the car interior as a third shared living space make it more important than ever that a vehicle’s interior remains clean and enticing. Stahl’s latest generation of surface coatings for leather and synthetics, plus our innovative aftercare range using our Stahl Stay Clean® technology, meet these needs.

Great innovations and lowering the environmental impact go hand in hand

As a company, we strive to minimize the presence of volatile substances throughout the research, development and production chain. As part of this, we have invested in first-class VOC-analysis systems to further optimize the composition of coatings and to advise clients about the presence of VOCs in specific materials. All the solutions incorporated in the Rinspeed microSNAP concept car are VOC-free and support our mission to develop premium and more sustainable car interior materials that are in sync with the environmental and mobility needs of the future.

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Rinspeed microSNAP: great innovations, low impact
Alexander Schieke
Global Market Manager - Mobility