Automotive meets interior design in the Rinspeed Oasis concept car

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The second outing in the Stahl-Rinspeed partnership was to develop the Oasis concept car. On the premise that people spend a lot of time in their cars, the theme was ‘the third living space for the future.’

Innovative and sustainable solutions that inspires

 “The interior of the Rinspeed Oasis concept car is all about innovative and sustainable solutions that inspire and surprise the user. With the interior of the Oasis, we did what we do best: push the boundaries to achieve better end-products and at the same time help to create a better future,” says Stefan Buri, Global Marketing Director Automotive at Stahl.

The ultimate eye-catcher is the small garden on the sideboard. This adds a natural element to make the car a true third living space. Using our next-gen car interior technologies, Stahl contributed to reducing emissions and odor and, consequently, increasing the amount of clean and fresh air for occupants. All the leather in the car is tanned with Stahl EasyWhite Tan™, which is free of metals and improves sustainability regarding water usage, energy and chemicals. Along with this alternative tanning method, we used other sustainable products such as bio-based PolyMatte®, a bio-based finishing that creates long-lasting matt surfaces that feel warm and pleasant to the touch. The result is a concept car that demonstrates a perfect collaboration between nature and innovation.

To improve the driving experience even further, we added a special crystal effect solution in the color Mystic Jungle. This revealed new design freedom: mystically glittering surfaces that respond to changing ambient lighting and viewing angles. And along with sustainable and surprising elements, we also took on the challenge of creating a long-lasting interior that uses pure white colors. This led us to employ our best-in-class Stahl Stay Clean® technology to protect the car upholstery from dirt and stains.

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Automotive meets interior design in the Rinspeed Oasis concept car
Alexander Schieke
Global Market Manager - Mobility