Environmentally responsible paint, ink and packaging solutions

High-performance coatings for paint, printing and packaging

At Stahl, we work alongside our customers to formulate solutions that address every challenge, up to the most demanding, whether that involves technical performance or aesthetics. Our portfolio offers best-in-class solutions for the paint, printing and packaging industries.

Sensora® : Our portfolio of unique sensory coatings

There’s more to packaging than just appearance. That’s why we’ve developed Sensora®, a portfolio of five high-performance coatings, each with its own sensory profile: velvety, rubbery, silky, dry, and textured.

Enhance the durability and protective performance of printing and packaging

Our Picassian® and Relca® range of polyurethanes for flexible packaging enables complex, multilayered food packaging structures to withstand extreme conditions.

Paint and coatings

Improve the properties of paint and coatings with high-performance resins from our polymer portfolio.

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