Émilie about the Stahl Design Studio<sup>®</sup>

Émilie about the Stahl Design Studio®

Stahl develops a variety of brand new fashion and technology collections each year. The Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections inspire to integrate the latest fashion, color and technology trends. Next to a fashionable look and feel, Stahl assures that the collections meet the client’s technical requirements. Emilie Musso is Marketing Communications Manager , she travels the world meeting with clients and colleagues to present the latest trend forecasts that she makes for Stahl.

Hi, my name is Émilie Musso

My name is Émilie Musso and I work in Castelfranco at Stahl Italy. I am a French girl and I when I first started at Stahl I worked in Parets, Spain. After a few years I moved to Tuscany after Stahl opened the Center of Excellence for Shoes & Leather Goods. Here I am in charge of the Stahl Design Studio®, which covers all the fashion material Stahl produces. We cover a variety of fashion as well as technological collections every year. What drives me is to create the right product for our customers.

Start of the day

Every morning I arrive at the Center of Excellence around 08:30. It’s a creative place and we welcome customers almost every week, making trials or new developments with our team. It is really interesting to see new people so often. It’s a way to follow the trends on what customers develop.

Like every ordinary job I have to check some emails and plan the day. I share my office with my colleague Caterina - she takes care of collections with me. She helps me in different projects.


I travel a lot for my job but when I am in Italy I like to recharge and go to gym or boxing on my lunchbreak. It’s a good way for me to relax and start the afternoon with clear thoughts. I go as often as possible. I need to exercise as much as possible because of all the good Italian food. 

Fashion events

During the year we organize different events to show our collections like our Global Shoes & Leather Goods collection. It takes around 6 months from the start of the colors until presenting to the customers. Stahl cooperate with color, fashion and trend forecasters and I put it all together into trends and stories. Technicians from different countries visit us to develop new items for the new collection. For these events I spend most of my time in the laboratory with the technicians to try new things. I really enjoy this time. The fact technicians come from different countries is really important because they face different market realities and bring their customer experience with them.