Garments that deliver on style, performance and sustainability

The future of garments

Stahl supports garment makers with next-generation solutions for leather, synthetics, and textiles. We work with well-established brands, manufacturers, and processors, using advanced technologies to deliver on performance, sustainability, and style.

Our services to brands

Via the Stahl Campus®, our Centers of Excellence, and the Stahl Design Studio®, we inspire you with the latest technologies to create sustainable, fashion-forward products.

Low-impact leather for garments

Low-impact leather is a must-have for today’s sustainability-conscious consumer. Stahl provides environmentally responsible leather solutions for each stage of the development process, from beamhouse to aftercare.

Synthetic materials

Whatever synthetic you work with, we can help brands and manufacturers give it the right coating. Select from our Stahl EVO® portfolio of responsible, high-performance solutions.

Designed for the outdoors

Your clothes must be able to withstand tough conditions such as rain, water, and snow if your customers are to enjoy outdoor life to the fullest. Our sustainable, high-performance solutions can deliver what you need.

Get inspired by the latest trends in clothing

The Stahl Design Studio® keeps a close watch on the latest trends, colors, and technologies. We can help you create responsibly produced garments that will turn people’s heads.

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