Stahl BeTan®: responsible beamhouse and tanning chemicals

The demand for high-quality leather that is produced in a responsible way continues to grow. To contribute to a more ecological beamhouse process, we offer Stahl BeTan®: a complete beamhouse portfolio that helps tanners face today’s environmental challenges – without compromising on the quality of the leather. Building on years of experience in beamhouse operations and having acquired the best technical expertise from around the world, Stahl can support tanners in reducing their water consumption and solving issues like wrinkles, hair root, stains, smells and VOC, while also shortening the beamhouse process with environmentally responsible chemistry. All Stahl BeTan® solutions comply with the ZDHC MRSL.

Sustainable solutions for every stage of the beamhouse

Stahl BeTan® comprises a complete range of responsible solutions for every step in the beamhouse and tanning process: from soaking, liming and de-liming to bating. Every product in the portfolio helps tanners overcome their environmental challenges while delivering high-quality leather.


Soaking is the first stage within the beamhouse. During it, hides and skins are hydrated, cleaned and prepared for the liming process. Stahl high-performance soaking solutions soak deeper into the fibers, doing so with a lower impact on the environment.


During the liming stage, hair, epidermis and interfibrillar proteins are removed from the hides and skins. Stahl liming agents and auxiliaries help tanners achieve maximum results, such pelts that are flat and relaxed, and smooth, tight and firm grains. Stahl products have a low environmental impact and use Low or Free Sulfide technologies.


Degreasing covers the removal of fats and greases. Stahl BeTan® includes a variety of biodegradable wetting, degreasing and emulsifier agents that help tanners reduce their environmental footprint.


Residual dehairing chemicals are removed in the de-liming stage. Our sustainable Stahl BeTan® portfolio includes nitrogen-free deliming agents that can be applied in the production of all kinds of leather.


During bating, hides and skins are treated with new range of specific enzymes to make them soft, flexible and firm. Stahl’s new generation of bating agents ensure tanners get the best results possible with the lowest environmental impact

Tanning agents

Tanning agents penetrate the skins and hides, converting their collagen structure to leather. The tanning agents in our Stahl BeTan® portfolio, which includes Stahl EasyWhite TanTM, meet the highest environmental and performance standards.


Stahl BeTan® includes tanning and auxiliary specialties that ensure leather has the properties tanners require to achieve their desired results.

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