Reactive high solids Permaqure® PU coatings

Polyurethane coatings offer numerous advantages for interiors and automotive seat and trim thanks to their flexibility and durability. PermaQure® is our patented base coating that evolved out of classic high solids polyurethanes, free of volatile components, odor and emission, especially designed for the transfer coating process.

Flexible polyurethane coatings effective in application

Stahl has developed PermaQure® EVO that allows the use of a non-blocked reactive pre-polymer in combination with a patented crosslinker without using Mekoximes or volatile components. Just like the classic high solids, the reaction starts at 160°C. PermaQure® EVO base is designed to fulfill even the most demanding application fields such as sport shoes, outdoor sports and automotive seating.

PermaQure® provides a thick and durable coating layer with excellent hydrolysis resistance and comes in compact form or foamed. One of the benefits of the reactive high solid coating is its effectiveness in the coating process, by providing one-time solid mass coverage that is flexible and durable. Due to the reactive nature, no solvents are required.

Meeting demand for responsible high-solids

Classic high solid polyurethanes were developed in the 1970's using Mekoxime-blocked pre-polymers in combination with liquid amines. Leading brands have banned the use of Mekoximes in PU coated fabrics which is why PermaQure® is free of blocking agents. A number of our PermaQure® solutions are also part of the Stahl EVO® portfolio, which is fully compliant with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL). This means they contain no restricted chemical substances and can be used in accordance with the most stringent regulations.

Key benefits of PermaQure® PU High Solids

Using PermaQure® PU coating high solids has various product benefits.

  • No volatile components

  • Emission free

  • Mekoxime-free

  • Compact or foamed

  • Highly durable and flexible

  • Effective solution

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